Our Story

Big Atomic is a jam/funk/rock band from Louisville, Kentucky.  Big Atomic is Shannon Vetter (Saxophone/guitar/vocals,   Ben Vogepohl (drums), Matt Robinson (percussion/vocals), Conner Powell (bass guitar),  Micah Greene (guitar/vocals), Brandon Bell (saxophones), Michael Vettraino (guitar) 

For over 6 years and hundreds of shows Big Atomic has been blasting Kentucky with their unique sound, high energy performances, and message of love, peace and rock n roll. An EP and a full length "Activator" are streaming on Itunes and Spotify. Join us on a cosmic interstellar funky mustache ride towards the capital T Truth of our fundamental interconnectedness. 


Matt, percussion/vocals
Matt from Murray, Kentucky, has been a percussionist for nearly 15 years and was a founding member of The Big Cheese. He began his musical career as the drum set player for this group but soon moved to percussion. He also plays with Louisville jam band Electric Garden. 



 Micah, guitar/vocals

Micah Greene is from Boston, MA, but he has been living in Murray, KY for 15 years now. He was also a founding member of The Big Cheese and has played guitar for 14 years. Also a former member of The Tree Rollins Band, he has been playing music with Matt for most of their musical careers. Micah is also former member of The Great Gatsby Jazz-Funk Odyssey and performs with a few other local bands on occasion. He is a proud father, husband, and teacher. 


Shannon, saxophone

Shannon, from Maysville KY. Has been playing saxophone for eighteen years. He attended the University of Louisville Music School for two years and has toured nationally with various bands on various instruments. Shannon moved to Paducah in the fall of 2012 and has helped revitalize the music by playing with such bands as Gideon's Rifle, Solid Rock 'it Boosters, and the Hoffman Sextet. He moved with Big Atomic to Louisville in 2016 and also plays with Louisville jam band Vessel.






Ben Vogepohl, Drums 

Ben is a 10 year member of Kentucky legends the Blind Corn Liquor Pickers, he is trying to eat less meat and more plants and enjoys spending time with his wife and her friends. 


Conner Powell, Bass 

Conner used to be a post man, but is currently making his dreams come true as a rockstar. He splits his time between Big Atomic, Bendigo Fletcher, and Four Pegs.